So who’s drivin’ anyway? Awkward!

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Here I was at the end of a long…and I mean looong day at the office.  Although I was so very glad to be heading down that elevator going home with my head held high and feeling quite accomplished in my day overall….it was only natural that the wind be sucked out of my sail, right?  In front of an audience no less.  I cheerfully bop (it’s what I do…don’t judge) my way down the sidewalk against the building to my front row spot (whoop whoop) as I am getting into my car I smile at the bank teller that sees me through the window.  Get in.  Shut the door.  Buckle up.  Ummmm….wait a minute.  Son of a biiiiscuit eating bulldog!  I am sitting on the passenger side of the car!!!!!   Good grief.
The  teller sees me.  Okay.  Pretend to be waiting for a friend to come get in the driver side…to drive me home of course.  Nah…no one is coming!  Get outta the car and walk around to the driver seat and make like a bat outta hell.  Nah too obvious.  Climb over console into driver seat (at nearly 6 feet tall)….check!  So I was finally on my merry little way home feeling oh-so-stupido….but realizing we should never take ourselves too seriously.

Lesson:  Figure out who is driving before getting in the car.

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