Weekly Whims: Carseat Wars…..best workout ever!

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If you have ever raised a toddler, you have lived through at least one or hundreds of carseat wars.  You know the one…where you are already running late or hauling them straight out of the store because the little critter has decided to completely meltdown on aisle 3.  For a reasonable reason of course…like the mom passing you has the fun “Firetruck Cart” and you don’t.  “That’s it, we’re going home. Someone needs a nap!”  These thoughts take me back a bit with my older kiddos as I embark on getting ready to do it all over again with our youngest.  Yay me.

There we were.  Usually in terrible weather…trying to wrestle the little fighter into the blasted carseat all while trying to keep the cart from blowing away and the door from flinging wide open into the car parked next to us.  Plenty of “judging” eyes watching as they passed by.  Thanks universe…way to line that all up for me, eh?

Then we’d make a quick switch to the little gem having super-human strength and holding an arched back position for longer than any Olympic gymnast on the planet could.  While they are screaming, flailing, and acting possessed…..I prepare.  Prepare for The Moment, because that’s all it is…one single moment.  When they relax to a sitting position for a split second….BAM!  My forearm across the lap!  One point Mommy!  Oh!  Now sweetums is really ticked off!  No matter.  Holding my forearm firmly in place to keep them seated….I, like a contortionist with my other arm, wrangle those cute little pudgy arms into the belt straps.  Ha haaaa!  Got ’em!  Now with my “free” hand on one buckle slide piece, I manage to swiftly remove my forearm from their lap and before they realize the window of opportunity to escape….BUCKLE…CLICK……VICTORY!

Forget the fact that I may have looked like I had just walked through a hurricane….all tattered, sweaty with hair stuck to my face and wild-eyed.  I swear I used to be kinda cool.

Now with those big eyes looking at me in the rearview mirror, all is fine in the world.  They just want to suck their thumb and go to sleep.  I have made that happen and for that….I AM COOL.  #bestmomever #letthembethejudge

Lesson:  Don’t give up, even when it’s easier to.  Patience…well, I like  to think that we gain more every day.

Good luck out there!  You got this!


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