Weekly Whims: Miss the days of drinking from the water hose? Me too.

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Remember the days before scheduled play dates, iPods, cell phones, hand sanitizer and bottled water?  Oh how I miss those days.  Not just for myself, but for my little ones.  I tell them all the time….”Ya know…when I was a kid…..” and I get “the look” in return.  However, the more often that I introduce them to an “old school” activity or way of doing things, it is almost always more fun and captures their attention and interest.  I find myself reflecting more and more on what it was like back then compared to how it is now for kids.  I know times change, but this highly electronic era that has come to be for our children has changed the realm of “childhood” so much.  Not all bad, just different.  I guess I am just striving to see more grass stains in the laundry!  That will  be a sure sign that I am bringing a little richness to their lives by putting things away, unplugging and having them romp about and get dirty…and of course not having a worry in the world about it.  Here are a few of my favorite memories accompanied by my own personal childhood photos!

(1) Drinking from a sprinkler (or often a water hose).  (2) A birthday gift of a “stonewashed” purse…not an iPod touch.  (3) Getting dirty and cleaning my hands off by wiping them on my pants rather than hand sanitizer.  (4) Fun outdoor activities…especially when my mom added bubbles to the wading pool!  Good times!

Here are a few family photos of my kiddos enjoying some of my favorite childhood experiences as well.  Sledding, snowmen, snow angels, eating and feeling sand for the first time, running in the surf, and blowing “wishies”…


What do you remember from your childhood that you think of fondly?  Are there any that you have brought to your little ones childhood experiences?  Please share.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekly Whims: Miss the days of drinking from the water hose? Me too.

    ParentingIsFunny said:
    January 24, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    Kids have it so easy. Childhood is great. Too bad it lasts such a short time.

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